QLogic QLE8142 CU 10GB CNA card

QLogic 10GB CNA cards and their suitable Twinax cables

Make sure you choose the right Twinax cables for your project. Cables ARE important. The background Last year, our company had some courses tailored for some of us. These courses were provided by one of the main Cisco Solution Learning Partners in Spain. To be honest, I was expecting them to be more like I’ve […]

Configuring DHCP options 43 and 60 in InfoBlox for Cisco APs

Catalyst WS-3850-48P not powering Cisco 2602 and 1602 APs

We were troubleshooting a couple of WiSM2 modules inserted into a couple of Cisco Catalyst 6509-VE in VSS mode with a couple of Cisco 1602 and 2602 Access Points physically connected to a Catalyst 3850. The goal was to associate both APs to the WLCs (which are in HA-SSO redundancy mode). An Infoblox grid was […]

No eth0 interface and no network devices show in FAN setup wizard

No eth0 device after installing Fully Automated Nagios

The goal: Install NAGIOS for system and network monitoring. I was looking for a quick way to have a Nagios installation up and running and I found this FAN (Fully Automated Nagios)solution. FAN 2.4, in their own words “aims to provide a facility for Nagios including tools provided by the Nagios community”. You can download the […]

VM console error in vSphere client - Unable to connect to the MKS: Failed to connect to server

Unable to connect to the MKS: Failed to connect to server

If you get this error: “Unable to connect to the MKS: Failed to connect to server” and cannot open the console of a virtual machine from the VMware vSphere client, don’t let it mislead you, it’s not a network connectivity or firewall issue. As unlikely as it may sound, the problem is related to your name […]

Last Week Tonight show with John Oliver on FIFA and the World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Sausage Principle

“If you love something, never find out how it was made” This is what John Oliver, a brilliant British comedian, political satirist and actor, came up with and, in some cases, ends up being a great suggestion. A friend of mine posted this video on facebook and I found it very compelling. I’ve loved the World Cup […]

EPN, Peña Nieto, not welcome in Madrid, Spain

EPN is not welcome in Spain and clearly not wanted in México

Yesterday, the “elected” president of México after the fraud of 2012, Enrique Peña Nieto, also known as EPN, made his first public appearance in Madrid. This is a video that shows how some trained chimps quickly jump in when 2 activists started to show EPN that he is not welcome or wanted in Spain or in […]

Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris - view from the front stairs below

6 days in Paris with a baby

Hotel booking We searched for a place that could provide us with a crib and where we could have our own bathroom. Also, an elevator was greatly appreciated. Paris is an expensive city, so finding a place that met these requirements, plus not being expensive was a hard task. I used booking.com to look for […]

Physical connections from Cisco Catalyst switches to Nexus 5548

FHRP and STP root outside of vPC domain

We implemented the topology in the following diagram and it worked fine for about a year. We heard nothing from the customer at least, so we assume everything was fine. The new infrastructure consisted of 2 Nexus 5548UP switches and 4 Nexus 2232 Fabric Extenders. It was not until they deployed a VM (Virtual Machine) […]


How quickly data is generated and transfered over the Internet

I was browsing the g+ posts of a friend and I ran into this. It’s a very pretty collage of the most famous websites and applications that pretty much everybody use on a daily basis, but with real-time numbers of GB (gigabytes), posts, video hours, etc. These numbers and how quickly they change can certainly […]

Cisco Prime Lan Management Solution 4.2 .OVA files

Installing Cisco LMS 4.2 Virtual Appliance

What drove us into first into installing LMS The initial goal of installing LMS was to have at our disposal the Network Topology Map functionalities that are not yet implemented in Cisco Prime Infrastructure. We came to realize later that some of the newer Cisco Catalyst 3850, Catalyst 4500X, as well as some Cat 6509 […]

Moving away from Wix. Hello WordPress

Why I moved from WIX to WordPress

Around 6 months ago I felt the need to move our local business website, www.pastelesfelices.com, from WIX, one of many US based free web hosting company and where we first created our site, to some place else. I even considered hosting our site on my own server. These are some of the reasons why I decided to move […]

The manu location of Cisco LMS Topology Services

Still using Cisco LMS?

Some will say that LMS (LAN Management Solution) is the past, that it is heading out, too convoluted, almost obsolete and that one should move to Prime Infrastructure because Cisco claims that it is already the present. All that is true, however, there are still some things that might make you think otherwise. PI is […]