EPN is not welcome in Spain and clearly not wanted in México

Yesterday, the “elected” president of México after the fraud of 2012, Enrique Peña Nieto, also known as EPN, made his first public appearance in Madrid.

This is a video that shows how some trained chimps quickly jump in when 2 activists started to show EPN that he is not welcome or wanted in Spain or in México for that matter.

This is actually the true feeling of almost every Mexican, except for those that profit directly or indirectly from any sort of corruption or those that are extremely short sighted.


Mexican citizens hold Peña Nieto accountable for the massacre of San Salvador Atenco in 2006. EPN admitted that he himself had ordered the “granaderos” (some sort of a Mexican version of SWAT, but untrained, underquilified and overweight) to use force to break up a protest by local residents.

There are several proofs of this in videos, just like with the elections fraud 2 years ago, but as usual, law is not enforced in México.

This is just an overview of what happened in Atenco. They were pubished by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) 

  • 207 people (including ten minors) were victims of cruel,inhuman ordegradingtreatment.
  • 145 were arbitrarily arrested.
  • 26 women suffered sexual assault.
  • 5 foreigners, in addition to the violence inflicted on them, were illegally expelled from the country.


Here’s an image of some of the courageous activists outside of the Teatro Real in Madrid on June 9th 2014:

EPN, Peña Nieto, not welcome in Madrid, Spain

Activists outside of Teatro Real in Madrid. It reads: “Peña Nieto unwelcome”


This is the link of one of the few magazines that speak the truth in México, La Jornada: Interpelan a Peña Nieto en su primer acto en madrid

However, if you follow the link, it no longer points to the article that covers how Spanish and Mexican citizens reject EPN. Maybe another example of the censorship that rules over Mexican media.

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