How quickly data is generated and transfered over the Internet

I was browsing the g+ posts of a friend and I ran into this. It’s a very pretty collage of the most famous websites and applications that pretty much everybody use on a daily basis, but with real-time numbers of GB (gigabytes), posts, video hours, etc.

These numbers and how quickly they change can certainly impress you. Maybe it’s somewhere in there, but I find it missing the specific period of time they are referring to. Do these belong to a single day, an hour or what other specific period of time? Given my knowledge about some of them, I’d say it’s one day, but please, correct me if I’m wrong.

Click image to open interactive version (via Penny Stocks Lab).

I haven’t really dedicated the necessary time to check how accurate those numbers are (or if they come from trustworthy source for that matter), but I do have checked a couple of the sources at the bottom and have found those articles very interesting.

For example, this table that I’m borrowing from a Cisco VNI (Visual Networking Index) shows their forecast within historical context:

Cisco VNI forecast within historical context


Global Internet Traffic


100 Gigabytes per Day


100 Gigabytes per Hour


100 Gigabytes per Second


2,000 Gigabytes per Second


12,000 Gigabytes per Second


35,000 Gigabytes per Second

It’s just amazing how much data is floating around and how little understanding most of us have about it. Many people haven’t even heard about terabytes, not to mention petabytes or even larger units of data.

Anyway, accurate or not, these numbers are definitely eye-opening for many. And, as Cisco puts it, welcome to the Zettabyte era!

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